How To Cool Laptop While Gaming?

If you are a hardcore gamer and you spend a lot of time gaming, then you must know that laptop heat is one of the most common issues faced by many gamers. You will find yourself spending hours in front of your laptop and in most cases, you will end up with a very hot laptop. This will not only affect your comfort but also the overall performance of your laptop. So, what can we do to keep our laptops cool while gaming? In this post, we will be discussing How To Cool Laptop While Gaming and How to Prevent a Laptop From Overheating.

Top 8 Easy Ways To Cool Laptop While Gaming

1. Close Applications Running In Background

In order to keep the temperature of your laptop cool, it is a good idea to close the applications that are currently running in the background. You can do this by going to the task manager and clicking on the process. Once you have closed the application, open the games you want to play and then go back to the task manager and close the game processes. You may read also the guide on Why Is My Asus VivoBook 15 So Slow

2. Disable Antivirus Software

If you are using antivirus software, disable it. When you do this, you can use the laptop without worrying about getting infected with malware or viruses. This will allow you to use your laptop with a clean system.

3. Keep Your Laptop On Stand

This is one of the best ways to keep your laptop cool. In order to do this, you have to place your laptop on its stand. By doing this, you will not only keep the temperature of your laptop cool but you will also get a better view.

4. Disable Startup Programs

Gaming laptops are powerful machines that can handle a lot of processing power and graphics. However, sometimes the heat from the laptop can become too much for some users.

One way to cool down your laptop while gaming is to disable some of the startup programs that are automatically started when you turn your laptop on. This will decrease the amount of heat that the laptop produces and make it more manageable during intense gaming sessions. You may read the complete guide on Are dell laptops good for gaming

5. Use A Laptop Cooler Pad

If you don’t want your laptop to get hot while gaming, you might want to consider using a laptop cooler pad. These are specially designed cooling devices that attach to your laptop and allow you to connect to a USB port.

In order to use a laptop cooler pad, you need to download a program. After that, you just need to plug in the device to the USB port of your laptop and it will start to cool your laptop. This way, you will not only be able to play your favorite games but you will also be able to stay cool.

6. Update Graphics Card

It is always a good idea to update the graphics card of your laptop. This is a major upgrade that will allow you to play newer, more demanding games. It is also a good idea to check the BIOS settings to ensure that you are running the latest software available.

If you notice that your laptop gets too hot while you are playing games, you should probably update your graphics card. If you do not, you may end up damaging the motherboard of your laptop. This can cause the entire laptop to fail.

7. Update Or Add A New RAM

Another great way to ensure that your laptop runs smoothly is to update or add more RAM. Adding a new stick of RAM is a simple way to improve the performance of your laptop. You can do this by either updating your existing system RAM, which means adding a new stick of RAM, or you can add a new stick of RAM if your current system does not have enough RAM.

8. Clean Temporary Files With CCleaner

CCleaner is a free utility that will help you to clear temporary files. These files are created automatically and can slow down your system. By clearing these temporary files, your PC will perform much faster. If you want to make sure that you do not delete any important files, you can create a list of what the temporary files are and delete them manually instead. You may check out the guide on how far can a laptop webcam see


In conclusion, by following the tips mentioned in this article, you can cool your laptop while gaming and prevent it from overheating. This will help to improve your gaming experience and prolong the life of your laptop.


Is it OK if my laptop gets hot while gaming?

Gamers should keep their laptop cool if they play games a lot. If your laptop gets very hot while you’re playing video games, it’s possible that your game is at fault. For instance, if your frame rate is 100 fps in a particular game, it’s possible that your PC is usurping too much of your laptop’s hardware resources, causing the temperature to increase.

Do cooling pads work?

Cooling pads work well for running display gaming or any program that requires the laptop system to be operated for hours at a time. Laptop cooling pads are a great use case because they cater to these types of programs.

Are laptop fans worth it?

A laptop cooler is effective for hot, aging laptops. A cooler placed underneath them prevents the problem from shutting down. The cooler also increases the performance of the laptop, however, this is merely effective for a short period of time.

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